At-risk youth, veterans, and people with eating disorders or recovering from addiction who have learned and practiced the Masterson Method on therapy horses have reported the following benefits:

“I always thought such a large animal would prefer a strong and deep massage. It was awesome to learn a soft touch could release tension in the horse.”

“I liked watching her lips wiggle. If she had a pencil in her mouth she would have scribbled – I’m lovin’ this. I felt good giving back to her.”

“In Masterson you reminded me to breathe, showed me how to ground myself, and be in the present, in the moment with the horse. I felt myself relax little by little each time the horse released her tension.”

“The [Masterson Method] really helped me think about the horse and her tension. She showed me she had tension in the same places I have tension, in my neck. She was showing me who I am. I felt so relaxed.”

“I liked being present with my horse and watching his expressions. I feel calm and happy to learn I don’t need a cigarette to calm down.”

“It was cool how subtle changes in me made great changes in the horse. How taking a deep breath and becoming aware of my breathing affected the horse.”

“I can’t believe I touched a horse, I was so afraid. The Bladder Meridian helped me do it. Wow I even rode the horse.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been around horses. I enjoyed the grooming and the Masterson brought it to a whole new level. I felt so awesome doing the Bladder Meridian, seeing the horse respond like that.”

“The Masterson [Method] was so different than anything I have known. My hand got so hot on the spots where my horse had tension. It was a weird feeling that I would move my hand off and returned to a normal temperature. Put my hand back on the spot and it would get hot again. Then the horse yawned and yawned. I trusted the horse more after doing it because the horse trusted me.”