Many individuals who have come across using The Masterson Method® equine bodywork approach with horses have shared testimonies to its effects.

Program Participants

At-risk youth, veterans, and people with eating disorders or recovering from addiction who have learned and practiced the Masterson Method on therapy horses have reported the following benefits:

“I always thought such a large animal would prefer a strong and deep massage. It was awesome to learn a soft touch could release tension in the horse.”

“I liked watching her lips wiggle. If she had a pencil in her mouth she would have scribbled – I’m lovin’ this. I felt good giving back to her.”

“In Masterson you reminded me to breathe, showed me how to ground myself, and be in the present, in the moment with the horse. I felt myself relax little by little each time the horse released her tension.”

“The [Masterson Method] really helped me think about the horse and her tension. She showed me she had tension in the same places I have tension, in my neck. She was showing me who I am. I felt so relaxed.”

“I liked being present with my horse and watching his expressions. I feel calm and happy to learn I don’t need a cigarette to calm down.”

“It was cool how subtle changes in me made great changes in the horse. How taking a deep breath and becoming aware of my breathing affected the horse.”

“I can’t believe I touched a horse, I was so afraid. The Bladder Meridian helped me do it. Wow I even rode the horse.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been around horses. I enjoyed the grooming and the Masterson brought it to a whole new level. I felt so awesome doing the Bladder Meridian, seeing the horse respond like that.”

“The Masterson [Method] was so different than anything I have known. My hand got so hot on the spots where my horse had tension. It was a weird feeling that I would move my hand off and returned to a normal temperature. Put my hand back on the spot and it would get hot again. Then the horse yawned and yawned. I trusted the horse more after doing it because the horse trusted me.”

Equine-assisted Learning or Therapy Professionals

Equine-assisted learning or therapy professionals who already work with program participants can use this training to add another dimension to their repertoire.

“I have shared the bladder meridian technique with a number of clients, many of whom experience anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  These clients have reported experiencing a variety of benefits from the work, including improved energy and focus, mindfulness and emotional regulation, and gratitude for the ability to share something that the horse demonstrates to be of benefit to him.”
– Katie Fallon, Founder and President of Bridle Paths, PATH Int’l Certified Advanced Level Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Masterson Method Equine Specialist student

“I worked with a client who had serious sexual trauma. She held her feelings inside all the time. Working the bladder meridian made this client realize that the horse was holding onto his feelings too. As the horse responded to her she began crying as she realized she needed to let her own feelings go. Seeing the horse go through this process helped her realize what she needed to do for herself.”
– Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist

“The Masterson Method is the first [program] I have found that is for the horse; it is so very real and truly teachable to people. The Equine Specialist piece has been a tangible tool nobody can dispute that is effective for the client while not compromising the integrity of the horse.”
– Linda Allen, Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist and PATH Int’l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor 

“I think when you give, you get something back, as long as the intent is pure. I think about some of the kiddos I’ve mentored or worked with, and the idea that they would be important enough to make a difference in a horse’s life has dramatic effects on them for a variety of reasons. That they have something to offer. The horse helps them believe in themselves.”
– Vanessa, PATH Int’l Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

“Smokey… seemed to have a smile on his face as he licked & chewed. As he was relaxing, I felt myself relaxing and enjoying the feedback from him. This was a true give & take experience. By my feeling his willingness & calmness, I became calm. I was able to give him a ‘softer hand’ delivery (w/o tension in my body.) I believe my demeanor w/this treatment was at a higher ‘tuned’ frequency.”
– Lois, Masterson Method Equine Specialist Fieldwork Student

Masterson Method Certified Practitioners

Equine bodywork professionals are showing interest in adding this training to their toolbox for a variety of reasons, whether they volunteer at an equine-assisted program and want to contribute in a new way, or simply want to improve their practice.

”The MMES training was wonderful! I went back to [the barn] yesterday and had three horses, and the training I received this weekend really helped me connect more [with the horse] and go even softer during my sessions. I just loved the training. What an awesome program MMES really is!
– Alice Long, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner