A team of professionals is critical to the success and safety of incorporating The Masterson Method into equine-assisted activity or therapy programs, especially when working with groups of people. At a minimum, there should always be an experienced horse handler or equine professional separate from the “people professional” (therapist, coach, or educator) working with the client: one person responsible for the horse, the other responsible for the client.

Either of these two individuals—the horse handler or “people professional”—can have dual-training as a Masterson Method Equine Specialist. Or, the Masterson Method Equine Specialist can partner with an EAAT professional and horse handler(s) to facilitate The Masterson Method bodywork session. Either way, safety is always of utmost importance: the haltered horse is always held by a horse handler while the client is instructed and supported in how to perform simple Masterson Method techniques, such as the Bladder Meridian.

Having this team of 2-3 professionals can assure that the client and the horse each has their needs attended to by a professional, thus managing the comfort and risks for both.