Photo of Masterson Method Equine Therapy Specialist guiding a client in the use of the Masterson Method on a therapy horse.


Although The Masterson Method was developed primarily for sport horses, we have found that it has a meaningful and often powerful impact on the people who are practicing it. We recognize how subtle changes in our body impacts the horse’s body, and how sensitive horses are to touch. Those practicing this bodywork on horses can improve their connection with the horse, develop greater self-awareness, and find a quiet, mindful presence.

Because the horse actively participates in The Masterson Method session and because the person follows the horse’s response to very light touch, this bodywork approach is well suited as an equine-assisted activity or therapy (EAAT). In fact, if the horse does not participate, it does not work! Both the “listening” relationship to the horse and the sensitive, body-based nature of this work are what make The Masterson Method session so well suited as an equine-assisted activity or therapy.

As a Masterson Method Equine Specialist, you teach participants basic Masterson Method techniques, facilitating their “gift of bodywork” to EAAT horses in a safe and supported setting.


The tactile, horse-focused, intuitive, and interactive nature of this form of bodywork creates many possibilities for connection, communication and caring, including:

  • An opportunity to interact with the horse, especially for those who are unable to ride
  • A feeling of calmness and connection
  • A mindful experience
  • A focus on subtle nonverbal equine responses
  • An opportunity to give selflessly
  • A sense of contribution
  • An avenue to healthy conversations about body image

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Horses in regular riding lessons, therapeutic riding programs, on-the-ground coaching or therapy sessions can be challenged in different ways than performance horses, both physically and psychologically. By bringing the simplest Masterson Method techniques to these horses — whether you, your volunteers, and/or participants are providing the bodywork — you are helping them release tension and find new ways to relate to people.

Become a Masterson Method Equine Specialist this year to help EAAT horses and participants!